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About us

Rooted Boutique Events is a boutique event company that serves the Central Pennsylvania market. Rooted offers creative, colorful and exciting event options and decorations, paired with fresh food sourced by local purveyors as well as a personalized memento to commemorate the occasion. Our menu of creative dishes is compiled of traditional American Favorites as well as Calabrian Cuisine, the region in Italy where the Misiti family originates, and offers our clients an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. We embrace the power of both community and family. As such, we take pride in doing business with local establishments and farms as well as donating a portion of every event to local charities. Together we will create an experience that is memorable to you and your family.



Our Mission is to alleviate the time and stress out of party execution with the emphasis on time. We’ll bring the party to you, allowing you to have the time to enjoy yourself with your guests at your event!

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Amanda's Bio

Amanda Misiti is the owner and operator of Rooted Boutique Events. She has served the hospitality industry as an executive restaurant manager, operations manager and event coordinator for many of the fine restaurants and resorts in the Central Pennsylvania Area. Over the past twenty years she has been known to be easy to work with, has high attention to detail, has an imaginative vision and is reliable to her guests and clients.

Amanda saw a need for a small company to decorate and cater to family social engagements for the average family. So many hours and days go into planning a party and the host never seems to get to enjoy their time with guests  because they are typically worrying about all the details that are happening while the party is live. She wants you to enjoy your time with family and friends and alleviate the stress for you on your day. So Amanda decided to bring the party to you! Catering to all those super moms and dads out there that want that Pinterest Perfect Party, we’ll provide high-end decorations, food to compliment the group, servicing the entire event, as well as tear down of decorations and service items.

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